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Table 1 The selected amino acid properties from AAindex database

From: Enhancing interacting residue prediction with integrated contact matrix prediction in protein-protein interaction

Property id Property description
ANDN920101 Alpha-CH chemical shifts
ARGP820101 Hydrophobicity index
BEGF750101 Conformational parameter of inner helix
BUNA790103 Spin-spin coupling constants 3Jhalpha-NH
BHAR880101 Average flexibility indices
BURA740102 Normalized frequency of extended structure
GEOR030101 Linker propensity from all dataset
CHOP780204 Normalized frequency of N-terminal helix
CHOP780215 Frequency of the 4th residue in turn
JOND920102 Relative mutability
KHAG800101 The Kerr-constant increments
FAUJ880104 STERIMOL length of the side chain
PALJ810107 Normalized frequency of alpha-helix in all-alpha class
RACS820114 Value of theta(i-1)
WERD780103 Free energy change of alpha(Ri) to alpha(Rh)
YUTK870102 Unfolding Gibbs energy in water pH9.0
CHAM830102 A parameter defined from the residuals obtained from the best correlation of the Chou-Fasman parameter of beta-sheet