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Fig. 7

From: Identification of Th1/Th2 regulatory switch to promote healing response during leishmaniasis: a computational approach

Fig. 7

Attractor analysis of the uninfected (a), infected (b), and in silico treatment scenarios (cf). Here, the binary values at the attractor states represent only the logical steady states of NO, Th1, and Th2 responses under uninfected (a), infected (b), IFN_GAMMA_T [ON] (c), TLR2 [OFF] (d), TLR3 [ON] and SHP2_T [OFF] (e), TLR3, MKP_T [ON] and SHC_T [OFF] (f). The logical states of the other nodes/protein molecules are not shown here for the sake of better visualization. The color codes are kept same as used in Fig. 2

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