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Fig. 4

From: MOBAS: identification of disease-associated protein subnetworks using modularity-based scoring

Fig. 4

The statistical significance of high-scoring subnetworks using MOBAS on psoriasis dataset. The highest scoring 16 subnetworks identified using MOBAS are shown. The x-axis shows the rank of each subnetwork according to their score, and the y-axis shows its score. The first row shows the result of MOBAS on GAIN–PS dataset, and the second row shows the result on WTCCC–PS dataset. The blue curve shows the scores of the subnetworks identified on the dataset. For each i on the x-axis, the red (green) curve and error bar show the distribution of the scores of i highest scoring subnetworks in 100 datasets obtained by permuting the genotypes of the samples (permuting the interactions in the PPI networks while preserving node degrees)

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