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Table 1 mRNA insulin sequences from 19 animal species in the INS19 dataset

From: Application of discrete Fourier inter-coefficient difference for assessing genetic sequence similarity

Species Common name Accession Length
H. sapiens Human NM_000207 469
P. troglodytes Chimp NM_001008996 416
O. baboon Olive baboon XM_003909376 505
M. fascicularis Monkey J00336 392
B. taurus Cow NM_173926 434
S. scrofa Pig NM_001109772 435
G. gallus Chicken NM_205222 453
C. familiaris Dog NM_001130093 463
F. catus Cat AB043535 420
C. procellus Guinea pig NM_001172891 442
C. cristata Star-nosed mole XM_004695041 291
E. telfairi Hedgehog XM_004717178 327
M. auratus Hamster XM_005064148 450
O. cuniculus Rabbit NM_001082335 433
D. rerio Zebrafish AF036326 468
P. buchholzi Butterfly fish AF199588 459
C. chitala Clown knifefish AF199586 375
F. albicollis Flycatcher XM_005046804 324
X. laevis Clawed frog NM_001085882 774