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Table 1 List of known gene-microRNA interactions identified as significant in the H-RVM model using target analysis

From: Integrating multi-platform genomic data using hierarchical Bayesian relevance vector machines

Gene symbols microRNA
FOXP3, YY1, KLF13, ETS1 hsa-mir-31
FOXO3, DDIT4 hsa-mir-221
ATAT1 hsa-mir-23a
FOXO3 hsa-mir-222
FGG, CPEB3, FGB, PIK3R1 hsa-mir-29a
PDGFB hsa-mir-146b
PDCD4, TOPORS, BASP1, MARCKS, TP53BP2 hsa-mir-21
SIRT1, YY1, E2F3, CDC25C hsa-mir-34a