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Table 3 Functional enrichment of most structurally disrupted genes in pooled GBM and ovarian cancer samples

From: Fastbreak: a tool for analysis and visualization of structural variations in genomic data

Functional group Enrichment
Extracellular matrix 7e-6
Focal Adhesion 2e-5
Phospoprotein 3e-5
Guanyl-nucelotide exchange factor 5e-4
Cell morphogensis 7e-4
Axonogenesis 1e-3
  1. The analysis was performed using the NIH DAVID tool [12, 13] (March 2011), with the background population being those identified through the biclustering step of the Fastbreak analysis. The p-values are multi-test corrected using the default NIH David method (Benjamini–Hochberg correction).