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Table 7 Network with NB+MPBK from [1]

From: A pedagogical walkthrough of computational modeling and simulation of Wnt signaling pathway using static causal models in MATLAB

Network with minimal PBK. Lastly, a naive Bayes model \(\mathcal {M}_{\text {NB+MPBK}}\) with minimal biological knowledge based on [3] model was also developed with an aim to check if the assumed hypothesis that activation state of TRCMPLX is the same as sample being cancerous is correct. In this model, all gene expressions are assumed to be transcribed via the β-catenin-based TRCMPLX and thus causal arcs exist from TRCMPLX to different gene nodes. The complex itself is influenced by β-catenin and T C F4 only. Such models can be used for prediction purpose but are not useful in revealing hidden biological relationships as no or minimal prior biological information is imposed on the naive Bayes model. Figure 4 shows the naive Bayes model.