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Table 1 Unique combinations of proteins that can be used as promising immunotherapeutic targets

From: Identification of Th1/Th2 regulatory switch to promote healing response during leishmaniasis: a computational approach

Knock-in Knock-out Th1 response up-regulation NO increase Th2 response down-regulation Anti-Leishmania Immunityb Figure
IL12a Yes No Yes No 6c
IFN_GAMMA_Ta Yes No Yes No 6d
MKP_T No No Yes No 6e
TLR3 No Yes No No 6f
SHP2_T Yes No Yes No 6g
SHC_T No No No No 6h
TLR2 Yes Yes Yes Yes 6i
TLR3c SHP2_Tc Yes Yes Yes Yes 6j
TLR3, MKP_Td SHC_Td Yes Yes Yes Yes 6k
  1. arepresents previously known and commonly used immunotherapeutic targets; brepresents anti-Leishmania immunity that implies to a state when Th1 and NO response is up-regulated and the Th2 response is down-regulated; crepresents the proposed Combination 1; drepresents the proposed combination 2 treatment strategy