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Fig. 8

From: Identification of Th1/Th2 regulatory switch to promote healing response during leishmaniasis: a computational approach

Fig. 8

T cell pathways deregulated during leishmaniasis. The schematic diagrams show that the infected APC produces high amount of IFN_Beta, which in turn up-regulates the production of SOCS3 and RAP1 proteins that has negative regulatory effects on its down-stream JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways (a); infected APC inhibits the production of the IL12 cytokine which results in upregulation of IL4, IL5, and IL6 cytokine secretion from the T cell by regulating the JAK/STAT and IFN_GAMMA_T protein production (b). Green upward arrow–protein expression up-regulated; Red downward arrow–protein expression down-regulated; Black arrow–activation; Red arrow–inhibition

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