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Fig. 2

From: Identification of Th1/Th2 regulatory switch to promote healing response during leishmaniasis: a computational approach

Fig. 2

Boolean attractor analysis in uninfected (a) and infected scenarios (b). The binary values shown in the attractor represents the logical steady state values of 10 macrophage output proteins in the sequence of IFN_BETA, IL1_ALPHA, IL1_BETA, IL10, IL12, INOS, IP10, NO, TNF_ALPHA , and c_FOS, respectively. Different color codes are used to represent the 20 different random samples, and within each sample, 128 nodes represent the input combinations of 7 proteins selected randomly from 51 inputs of the model. In total, there are 2560 combination of initial states denoting the basins of attraction for the entire system

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