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Table 1 The top 10 enriched functions of 106 genes identified in the predicted network for the glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism pathway (KO00630)

From: Exploring soybean metabolic pathways based on probabilistic graphical model and knowledge-based methods

GO term Category Functions P value
GO:0006097 Biological process Glyoxylate cycle 2.20E-16
GO:0006099 Biological process Tricarboxylic acid cycle 2.20E-16
GO:0009514 Cellular component Glyoxysome 2.20E-16
GO:0030060 Molecular function l-Malate dehydrogenase activity 2.20E-16
GO:0006542 Biological process Glutamine biosynthetic process 5.01E-14
GO:0004356 Molecular function Glutamate-ammonia ligase activity 2.46E-13
GO:0006108 Biological process Malate metabolic process 1.93E-12
GO:0004460 Molecular function l-Lactate dehydrogenase (cytochrome) activity 1.35E-11
GO:0006089 Biological process Lactate metabolic process 1.35E-11
GO:0055114 Biological process Oxidation reduction 1.52E-10