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Table 6 List of newly discovered genes in various functional categories

From: Hierarchical Dirichlet process model for gene expression clustering

Function categories Genes
  YBL051c YBR136w YBL016w YDR200c YBR274w
Cell cycle and DNA YDR217c YLR314c YJL074c YJL095w YDR052c
processing YDL126c YCL016c YDL188c YAL040c YEL019c
  YER122c YLR035c YLR055c YML032c YMR078c
Protein synthesis YDR091c YGL103w YBR118w YBL057c YBR101c
  YBR181c YDL083c YDL184c YDR012w YDR172w
  YGL105w YGL129c YJL041w YJL125c YJR113c
  YLR185w YPL037c YPL048w YLR009w YHL001w
  YHL015w YHR011w YHR088w YDR450w YEL034w
Protein fate YAL016w YBL009w YBR044c YDL040c
Cell fate YAL040c YDL006w YDL134c YIL007c YJL187c
  YDL029w YDL035c YCR002c YBL105c YCR089w
  YER114c YEL023c
Transcription YAL021c YBL022c YCL051w YDR146c YIL084c
  YJL127c YJL164c YJL006c