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Figure 9

From: Model-based analysis of an adaptive evolution experiment with Escherichia coli in a pyruvate limited continuous culture with glycerol

Figure 9

Predictive efficiency of metabolic network (MN) and transcriptional network (TN). Predictive efficiency of metabolic network (MN) and transcription factor network (TFN). Shown is the measured glucose (a)/ galactose(b) consumption in [mmol gDCW−1h−1 of the transcription factor knockout study of[27] versus the predicted consumption. The measured growth rate and acetate secretion of the study are used to predict the glucose/galactose uptake. The green triangles show predictions of the MN alone, the blue dots show predictions of the TFN combined with MN and the red squares include the knockouts of the study in the TFN combined with MN. The big green and blue dots show the values of the wild type. Statistical analysis of the model: observed uptake rate ≈ predicted uptake rate, results in an estimated error variance of 0.2811 for the MN, 0.2816 for MN with TFN and 0.2812 for MN with TFN and knockout.

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